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A hope weaved in thread

1st May 2019

Women across various local cultures have contributed immensely in the artistic canon of the Indian Handloom industry. Since ages, their delicate fingers have not only battled all odds to make ends meet, but have also woven every layer of thread with love, care, and precision.

While hope is the brightest ray of a woman’s happiness, weaving dreams is her truest desire to live!

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Meet Manabesh Kaka

1st May 2019

Meet Manabesh Kaka. He is a proficient handloom weaver, who along with his family, has contributed by and large into creating beautiful handloom exquisites for handloom lovers.

Karustuti feels humbled to have helped him fight his disabilities, and nurture the art of handloom weaving. We are blessed to have Manabesh Kaka amongst us!

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Stay with Kerala

1st May 2019

God’s own country, Kerala, has seen massive loss of life and property due to the unending flood which has run havoc in the state recently. Kerala surely needs a big assist, and our weavers from Phulia, in spite of enduring similar natural calamities in Bengal, have stepped forward to do their bit.

Karustuti stands in solidarity with Kerala and sends love and prayers to all those affected by the unfortunate tragedy.

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